An application for running gameshows. Click for more info.
A simple drawing app that lets you draw with friends.


I threw most of these together hastily beacuse I had an immediate need for them. They work well enough for my needs, but I'm sure there are some bugs in there. I appreciate bug reports and feedback, but I don't provide any support for these programs beyond what's in their help file (if they have one).

Hopefully you'll find something useful here.


An application for transcribing subtitles from a video.
LongClock 1.1.1 (r16)
Updated: Dec 12, 2007
Now Lets you set it to float above windows and set the day that the weekend starts on (for those people in places where the weekend doesn't start on Saturday). Fixed a bug that was causing days of the week to not get deselected in the menu.
A desktop calendar application that sits on your desktop and shows the days of the month in a long strip.
A utility for visually constructing gradients. Drag and drop your gradient into your code to get CTGradient code to generate the gradient.