Updated to 1.2: Lots of little updates, but the biggest change is that it's now free! Read the Release Notes for details.

I've been informed that the buzzers that come with the PlayStation 2 game "BUZZ" work great with Questionable. For about $40 you get four buzzers, and a free PS2 game! Click here to buy it from Amazon (I get no money from this).

Introducing Questionable

Now you can use your Mac to create questions for your own quiz show for fun and education. Just start it up and connect some spare USB mice, gamepads, joysticks or keyboards to use as buzzers and you're ready to go.

Its elegant graphics and smoothly animated game board make it perfect for the classrooms, parties, or corprate training.

Go ahead and download Questionable and try it out. It's free!


Click for a larger version.